To PROCLAIM and TEACH — July 2021 Update


At the end of the school year, members of each Catholic school community were invited to participate in a particular survey as part of the “To PROCLAIM and TEACH” strategic growth planning process. The information and input received is to be used as part of the Phase 1, data research and analysis, along with community and Catholic demographics, school enrollment trends, parish data, and school financial information. The data analysis provides the foundation from which the goals and action steps of the strategic growth plan will be developed.

There are five surveys that were conducted as part of the data process: Catholic school faculty and staff, all pastors and priests, parents/guardians with children currently enrolled in one of the Catholic schools, school board and advisory council members, and Catholic parents who have children enrolled in public, private or home school programs. The online surveys were distributed through various means. Five different surveys were developed, tailored to the specific group targeted.

A total of 1,323 responses were received from among the five different surveys. Survey questions focused on identifying the strengths of the schools, the challenges respondents see the schools facing, potential opportunities schools should consider, and threats that need to be addressed to ensure the schools are sustainable and vital in the future.

A total of 217 Catholic school faculty and staff members responded, 26 pastors and priests, 739 parents/guardians with children enrolled at a Catholic school, 59 school board and advisory council members, and 282 parents/guardians with children who are not currently enrolled at a Catholic school in the diocese. The results of these surveys, to be viewed by individual groups as well as a diocesan-wide look will be presented in Key Findings presentations that will take place in August and September. Dates and times of those presentations will be announced in the coming weeks.

We are grateful to all who participated in the survey process and took advantage of the opportunity to share their insights, hopes, and concerns. The information received provides the Planning Task Force and Steering Committee with important grass roots information from which to begin planning. The goal of the strategic growth plan is to bring our Catholic faith alive for each student every day and provide an education that will allow them to realize their God-given talents and succeed in their life.

We remind you to stay in touch with the “To PROCLAIM and TEACH” planning process each month. Information and updates about the schools’ strategic growth planning process will be available on the diocesan website and through other media as the process progresses.