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The Gift and the Sacred Responsibility of the Ordained Priesthood

By Father Rich Tomkosky What a gift and a responsibility it is to be a spiritual shepherd of God’s flock, and kind of scary in...

What is Important in Life?

Column by Jonathan Nagy In early 2008, Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor Dr. Randy Pausch published his famous book, The Last Lecture, based on...

Spiritually Helping the Souls in Purgatory

By Father Rich Tomkosky We should all know that the doctrine of Purgatory is part of the Deposit of Faith that we must believe as...

What Goes to Caesar and What goes to God?

By Father Rich Tomkosky "What Goes to Caesar and What goes to God?" This is a perplexing statement of Jesus in the Gospel. What is...

How to Be Invited into the Divine Wedding Banquet – Rather Than Be Thrown...

By Father Rich Tomkosky Jesus challenges us to put His Kingdom as a first priority. What is the kingdom or wedding feast that He is...

Overcoming Anxiety by Daily Embracing the Lord’s Grace and Holy Providence

By Father Rich Tomkosky We are called to bear a rich harvest of spiritual fruit in the Lord’s vineyard. How can this happen? Only if...

Living Humbly In an Era of Great Pride and For the Conversion of Souls

By Father Rich Tomkosky Saint Paul tells us, “Do nothing out of selfishness or vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves, each...

The Catechetical Mission of the Church and Family

By Father Rich Tomkosky With religious education classes underway at parishes throughout the diocese, it is a good time to reflect on the meaning of...

Missed Meals Equal Missed Opportunities

Column by Jonathan Nagy Astonishingly, food is mentioned 1,207 times in the Bible. Everything from manna in the desert to the Bread of Life is...


By Father Rich Tomkosky There is a particular sin that prevents many otherwise good people from growing into saintly people, namely, the sin of being...
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