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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Come July 1, Knights of Columbus Get a New Look After...

By Mickey Conlon Catholic News Service TORONTO (CNS) -- A long-standing tradition will end this summer as the Knights of Columbus discard the ceremonial capes...

Pope Draws Lessons from Mother Teresa in City of Her Birth

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service SKOPJE, North Macedonia (CNS) -- Pope Francis went to the tiny Balkan nation of North Macedonia to pay tribute...

After Offering Instruction, Pope Gives First Communion to 245 Children

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service RAKOVSKI, Bulgaria (CNS) -- In the Catholic heart of Bulgaria, Pope Francis celebrated a special Mass for 245 children...

Chilean Bishops Fear New Measure Would Enforce Breaking Confession Seal

By Junno Arocho Esteves Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Chilean bishops said that while they support legislation requiring priests and religious authorities to...

Continuing Easter Celebrations, Pope Again Prays for Sri Lanka

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- On Easter Monday, Pope Francis led thousands of people in St. Peter's Square in praying...

USCCB President Decries Terrorist Bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter

By Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops termed as "a great evil" the Easter terrorist attacks...

Notre Dame Fire Showed that Beauty Still Matters, Art Historian Says

By Junno Arocho Esteves Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- As people in Paris and around the world watched in horror as flames consumed...

Knights CEO Says Iran-backed Militias Threaten Iraq’s Religious Minorities

By Catholic News Service NEW YORK (CNS) -- In an April 12 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, the CEO of the Knights of Columbus...

Hope From the Ashes: President, Archbishop Vow to Rebuild Notre Dame

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service ROME (CNS) -- The president of France and the archbishop of Paris have vowed to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral...

Abandon Gangs, Turn in Your Knives, English Cardinal Urges Young People

By Simon Caldwell Catholic News Service MANCHESTER, England (CNS) -- An English cardinal has called on young people to get rid of their knives in...
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