Hawk Headlines — Happenings at Holy Name School


November has brought us colder weather and shorter days, but Holy Name School is not short on the variety of school activities this month. This column was written by Brock Kutskel and Faith Smith.

Last week the seventh grade students have immersed themselves in U.S. history.  Mr. Knepp has challenged them with “Colonial Dossier Task Cards.” Students are completing a variety of higher order thinking activities that challenge them to cite textual  to support their claims and reasoning. Students are given a choice of tasks to complete, but must accumulate a minimum number of points for their grade. Questions include analyzing what you would have changed about the system of laws used in establishing settlement of this colony and explaining how geography influenced the culture of the colony.

Last Tuesday, St. Francis University sponsored an  Education Day for students in third through sixth grades. They first attended  a Career Fair and learned about a wide variety of job opportunities open to them. Afterward they attended a college basketball game when the SFU women’s basketball team took on Seton Hill.

Last Wednesday’s Home and School Association meeting featured the fifth grade Thanksgiving Play with a variety of Thanksgiving skits. First they had a meeting about what has been going on in the school and what they can do to help. Then the fifth grade performed their annual play on the pilgrims and other Thanksgiving-related skits.

On Friday, the junior high students learned about what an average day is like in high school. They visited Bishop Carroll Catholic High School and attended a variety of mini  classes in a preview of what it’s like to be a high school student. This field trip also allowed them to meet other students in the Prince Gallitzin quadrant.

Our final quote is from Norman Vincent Peale: “Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.”

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