Hawk Headlines – Happenings at Holy Name School – 9/19/19


The first official day of Autumn is only days away, and the students and staff at Holy Name School have settled into routines and schedules. This article was written by Brynn Koscho and Mary Golden.

This month Junior High Interscholastic Reading Competition has started with seventh and eighth grade graders students forming a team for the fall competition. Each team member will read a set number of books from the list and become an expert on the story line and characters. Mrs. Alexa Kline is coaching the team members on their ability to recall important facts from each book to prepare for the November competition.

The Officer Phil Safety program sponsored by the Ebensburg Police visited our school yesterday. This program uses puppets to teach internet and fire safety, positive behavior, and stranger danger to students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. The students also learn what they should do in emergencies. We thank the Ebensburg Police for offering this opportunity for our students to gain important life skills.

This school year, Mrs. Alexa Kilne is using technology to reinforce the Junior High Department students’ understanding of Spanish. The Duolingo application allows students to work at their own pace to master specific language skills including conversation for traveling, introducing themselves, and communicating. The students have set goals and receive reinforcement tailored to their specific needs. Students may also access the app outside of school for additional practice and support.

The sixth grade science classes started the year studying Outer space. Recently, the students reinforced their understanding of the relative distances between objects in our solar system. First they converted the distances between the sun and the planets from millions of kilometers to Astronomical Units. Next they converted the Astronomical Units into steps. Finally, they “stepped out” the solar system on the parking lot, giving them a concrete method of understanding the spacing of the planets as they orbit the sun.
Our final quote is from Ola Joseph: “Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”

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[Photo: Holy Name School seventh grade students Luke, Henry, Ella, and Haley design and build a prototype of a “beach proof” cell phone case for their STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) class.]