Bishop Carroll Senior Signs to Play E-Sports at SFU


From Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

Senior Kody Krug has made history, becoming the first Bishop Carroll student to sign on to play Esports in college. Kody will attend Saint Francis University and major in Political Science. He will also be playing Super Smash Brothers competitively for the Saint Francis Esports Team.

Kody is proud to make this next step. When asked why he chose video games, he said, “They are fun and enjoyable. They are more interactive than a lot of activities. I especially like Super Smash Brothers because it has fun characters and an easy game to get into when playing.”

He said he decided to play at Saint Francis because it was a local school that had the major he wanted. He also commented that Saint Francis has the best Esports program around with a state-of-the-art facility. “It is a perfect fit for me,” he said.

Even though Super Smash Brothers was not a game offered at BC this year, Kody is hopeful that in the future, that game can be added to the list. “I want the current teams to succeed, and I want to see more success in the future. I also want to see growth with the adding of new games. I am always going to be a big supporter of BCCHS, and the Esports program, and I hope to give back in some way and possibly even help coach someday.”

Many these days do not see the benefits of playing video games and consider them a waste of time. Kody completely disagrees. “Videogaming involves so much – communication, teamwork, communication, and more. It is a great way to challenge your brain. I know many people who want to make careers out of it. Everyone needs to do what they like.”

[Photo: (Front row) Kody Krug (center) with parents Brian and Colleen. (Back) SFU E-sports coach Luke Trotz and BC E-sports Coach RJ Clark.]