Bishop Invites Churches to Ring Bells in Honor of Front-Line Workers and All Pennsylvanians


The Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown will participate in an initiative to honor front-line workers and community members.

The Pennsylvania State Mayors’ Association is sponsoring “Bells Across Pennsylvania Day,” which encourages Pennsylvanians and houses of worship to ring bells for three minutes on Sunday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m. The purpose is to recognize and honor first responders, healthcare workers, and employees of grocery stores, pharmacies, and other life-sustaining businesses who have maintained essential services while at risk of infection from COVID-19. The initiative also recognizes the unity of all community members amid this coronavirus pandemic.

Bishop Mark Bartchak has invited and encouraged parishes throughout the diocese to participate.

“We appreciate the dedication of so many workers who are putting themselves at risk to serve and care for others during this difficult time,” Bishop Mark said. “These everyday heroes deserve our heartfelt gratitude and respect. We salute them, and we continue to pray for their health and safety.”

The first minute of the bell ringing is for the first responders and other workers; the second minute is for elected officials and residents; the third minute is for the unity of all Pennsylvanians moving forward.