Diocesan Team Announces Fall ARISE Plans


By Tony DeGol

Fall plans for the diocesan renewal initiative ARISE Together in Christ are in place.

Season five was supposed to occur during this upcoming autumn season, but is delayed until next year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Diocesan Team and I prayerfully discerned that since season five is our final season and an important segment for setting the stage for moving forward to Intentional Discipleship, it is important to delay season five until the Easter Season of 2021,” explained diocesan ARISE coordinator Sister Linda LaMagna, CCW. “It is also our hope to conclude ARISE Together in Christ for our diocese with a closing liturgy in early summer and a convocation in the fall of 2021 to lead us in taking ownership of the awareness that ‘We are the Good News.’”

Since many participants want to continue the small faith sharing groups that are integral to ARISE,  the diocesan ARISE team assisted Sister Linda in selecting six sessions from seasons one through four that they felt would be worth revisiting this fall.

They are (click on each):

Week One Season 1, Session 6 Christ lives in me
Week Two Season 2, Session 2 God’s Beloved
Week Three Season 2, Session 3 Thirsting for New Life
Week Four Season 3, Session 1 Called to follow in Christ’s Footsteps
Week Five Season 4, Session 2 The Transforming Power of Forgiveness
Week Six – Season 4, Session 6 New Creation

Materials are being made available for private use in the home or for small groups who are able to gather while practicing physical distancing.

RENEW International, which offers ARISE, will host virtual faith sharing groups for the fall review series beginning on October 4 at 7:00 p.m. Participants must REGISTER in advance.  

“We assembled the additional six sessions to provide our people with the opportunity to continue the faith sharing in the fall, as has become our custom, and amidst the fear of the coronavirus,” noted Sister Linda. “We thought that by waiting until spring, all of us may feel more comfortable and healthier as a Church, and hopefully as a nation, to encourage the gathering of small faith sharing groups.”