CSW SPOTLIGHT: Lock Haven Catholic School


In celebration of Catholic Schools Week 2021, the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown is spotlighting families that boast multiple generations of Catholic education. 


“Personally, some of my most memorable moments as a child revolved around my Catholic school education. Attending church with my family, enjoying family meals and participating in activities related to church were critical components of my childhood. I still recall prayers and songs learned during my Catholic school days which I use to celebrate my faith today.

As parents, we lay a foundation for our families to grow and flourish. Educating our children at our Catholic school was so much more than an education.

Chad and I agree that it provided a community of people with standards, values and morals to reinforce all the life qualities that are so important to raise faith driven healthy children. The ideals and values stressed throughout a Catholic school education supplement our families growth.

We feel tremendous pride and we are thankful for the Catholic school religious community and circle of friends that have and will continue to influence our families faith journey.”

Christine Genua Feerrar
Chad Thomas Feerrar
Easton Chad Feerrar