BCCHS Introduces House Chalice Competition


From Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is always looking for new ways to motivate and instruct students and help them grow closer in their faith in everything that is accomplished on Husky Hill.

To that end, we would like to introduce the House Chalice competition! Students in each homeroom were tasked with adopting a patron saint for their room. For competitions, they will now be referred to as those particular saints instead of room numbers. There are several reasons for doing this. One reason is that the students selected a saintly role model to follow. As Saint Augustine once said, “Every saint has a past, and every saint has a future.” The hope is that the students have inspiration from their chosen saint. Pictures of these saints and prayers devoted to them will be displayed in each classroom, and facts will be distributed. Students will also conduct projects as a homeroom related to their particular saint.

Other teachers are also adopting patron saints for their classrooms. Time and thought have gone into the selection of each saint.

The homerooms will earn points for various reasons during the school year, including full participation in service projects, dress down collections, being up to date with service hours and AR points, winning homeroom competitions and more. Teachers can also award points to students for doing good deeds. A complete list of tasks and points will be distributed to teachers and staff. Standings will be posted monthly as well.

Our students are extremely generous, cooperative, and all-around good people. This is an incentive program for them to not only see the good work that they are already doing, but also encourage them to do more good deeds.

At the end of April, the House Chalice will be awarded to the homeroom that wins the yearly competition. Additionally, there will be a prize for the students in that homeroom.

The students are all very excited about this project, from the selection of their saints to the upcoming competition. Please pray for our students and our school as we undertake this project throughout the school year.