OLV Preschool Students and Staff to Spread Acts of Kindness


Submitted by Our Lady of Victory Parish

During this unique and challenging year, Our Lady of Victory Preschool is seeking ways to create much-needed joy and to deepen our sense of community despite the current needs for social distancing.  

Thus, the school has re-imaged its fundraising and community outreach efforts into an acts of kindness event, #RaisingKindness2020. From November 20 to December 11, 2020, OLV Preschool is seeking financial contributions to support the health, safety, and educational needs of our students.  In response, OLV Preschool students, staff, and administration will “pay your generosity forward” by completing acts of kindness for others in our community.

What a great way for OLV to teach its students the importance of kindness and gratitude while raising much needed funds.  Students will spend time serving, not selling. 

You can find the link to the event by going to https://www.olvcatholicschool.org/domain/509 or


Please check out the teachers’ wish list of items selected for the health, safety and development of the preschool students.  Your generosity will help fund these items.    https://www.olvcatholicschool.org/Page/3218

Preschool will share its students’ acts of kindness via social media using #RaisingKindness2020.  You can do your own acts of kindness and share your efforts via social media using #RaisingKindness2020.  Challenge your friends and families to do the same and let’s show the students how they can impact our community and our world. 

[Photo: Avery Kopac holds a Jared Box as one of the acts of kindness. The mission of the Jared Box Project is to lift the spirits of children in hospital. The project was started at OLVCS in memory of classmate and friend, Jared.  The preschool wants to continue Jared’s mission, with a twist.  The school will make Jared Boxes for the adults in the COVID unit at Mount Nittany Medical Center, which will hopefully comfort COVID patients.]