Eagle Scout Project Provides a Fun Game for Our Lady of Victory Catholic School Students


By Cindy Kolarik
For Proclaim!

Donny Watkins saw a Ga-Ga Pit when he attended Scout Camp at Seven Mountains Campground. It was then that Donny knew what he wanted to do for his Eagle Scout Project.

“I played Ga-Ga ball at Seven Mountains and knew this would be a great activity for the students at Our Lady of Victory School,” Donny said. “This will be a fun recess and gym activity for all grades. The game is similar to dodge ball, only you throw that ball to hit the person below the knees. It was a rewarding project and I appreciate the help of my fellow scouts, parents, and local businesses.

As part of the project, Donny used the Ga-Ga Pit located at Seven Mountains as a guide. He researched other plans on line, created a supply list, organized the team effort, and lead the effort from the beginning to completion.

“I would like to thank Lowes, Home Depot, and YBS of State College for their support,” he explained. “Lowes donated all the lumber for the posts and sides, as well as the fasteners to put it together, almost $600 worth of materials. Home Depot donated $75 worth of concrete and assorted supplies and YBC donated the wood for the top rails.”

Donny just graduated from Our Lady of Victory Catholic School and is a member of Troop 245, the newest troop in the area. The troop is sponsored by American Legion Post 245 of State College.

Gaga is a fast-paced, high energy game played in an octagonal pit. The more players the better! It is a kinder gentler version of dodge ball. The game combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.