CSW SPOTLIGHT: Saint Michael School, Loretto


In celebration of Catholic Schools Week 2021, the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown is spotlighting families that boast multiple generations of Catholic education. 


“I am happy that I can go to church at school. I like everything about St. Michael School.” –Will Hegemann 1st grade
“The ability to send my son to a Catholic school has been an incredible gift. It is a blessing to have him learn in an environment where faith and prayer are encouraged. It gives me hope to see our children become excited about religion in a world where we could use more kindness, understanding, morals and values. I have confidence that he is not only learning and growing in our Catholic faith but also receiving a quality education that will prepare him for life after St. Michael’s.I know that someday he will look back with fond memories of his time there as I do.” –Bridget Hegemann 
“There was never a question in my mind about sending my children to Catholic school. I knew I wanted them to grow up with God at the center of their lives as he was for me when my parents sent me to St. Michael’s. Now as the years pass, I see how it has impacted their lives and I am so happy to see that they too are making the sacrifice to send my grandchildren to Catholic school as well. Being able to learn about God, live your faith on a daily basis and pray together as a school family means the world to me. I wouldn’t want education for my family to be any other way.” –Mary Jane Rieg