Bishop Carroll Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Future Students During Junior High Day


By Tony DeGol

Why did God make me?

A simple question posed by Father Andriy Kelt to some Catholic junior high school students getting an early taste of life at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School.

“It’s a question that no one can answer except religion,” assured Father Kelt. “Biology cannot tell you why God made you, math cannot add things up and tell you that, or geography. Only religion can answer this most fundamental question. And the answer is very simple. God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life and be happy with Him forever in the next.”

As a religion Teacher at Carroll, Father Kelt focuses on Scripture, the Sacraments, and morality.

His goal, and really the goal of the entire Bishop Carroll faculty and administration, is to help students know God.

“You cannot love God until you know Him,” Father Kelt added. “You cannot love someone you don’t know, and if you don’t love someone, why would you want to serve them?”

While learning and growing in the Catholic faith is surely the most important aspect of life at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, there are many other adventures awaiting future students.

Recently, seventh and eighth grade students from All Saints Catholic School in Cresson; Holy Name School in Ebensburg; Saint Benedict School in Carrolltown; Saint Michael School in Loretto; Saint Nicholas Catholic School in Nicktown, and Saint Bernard Regional Catholic School in Indiana visited Huskie Hill in Ebensburg to explore the opportunities awaiting them if they choose to continue their Catholic education journey at Bishop Carroll.

“We’re giving them a tour of the building and showing them what high school would be like here at Bishop Carroll – the faith, the academics, the activities, the athletics, everything that we have to offer here,” explained BCCHS Dean of Students Jonathan Nagy. “It’s just a wonderful day to welcome these young children here.”

From science experiments, to the exciting world of E-sports, to more traditional athletic opportunities, the junior high students truly experienced what their Catholic high school career could be like – an opportunity rooted in faith and family.

“Everyone can rely on each other here,” insited Dan McMullen, a BCCHS teacher. “We are that family, and we all come from different backgrounds, but at the end of the day, you’re with your brothers and sisters here, and we love each other and it feels like home. It’s a small school atmosphere, and that’s a wonderful experience for these kids. The rest of the world is a big place, and here we can keep ourselves centered and focused on what’s important.”

[Photo: Future Bishop Carroll Catholic High School students experience athletic opportunities awaiting them at the school gym during Junior High Day.]