McCort to Begin Innovative Learning Schedule with Four-Day School Week


From Bishop McCort Catholic High School

The Board of Trustees for Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown voted unanimously to move forward with an Innovative Learning Schedule for the 2023-24 academic year.

This model incorporates a four-day school week with an optional Friday Enrichment Day.

Over the past 4 months, Bishop McCort has held numerous informational meetings with surveys involving parents, students, faculty and staff in the decision making process.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly in favor of adapting the new schedule with confidence that it will be both academically and socially beneficial to the students.

The Innovative Learning Schedule involves an expanded daily schedule Monday through Thursday.

“Many schools across the nation have moved to this model and found great success,” said McCort Principal/CAO Tom Smith. “By converting to this new weekly schedule, we are able to sustain the length of the school year while providing 3,392 additional minutes of instruction per year for our students.”

The addition of Enrichment Fridays offers students the opportunity for learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Tutoring will be offered by teachers Friday mornings for students who may need one-on-one attention.

Friday afternoons involve programming to enhance not only academic needs such as prep classes for standardized testing, but also life skills classes, motivational speakers and field trips to community events and historical sites.

Adapting this schedule and programming for the students at Bishop McCort will be revolutionary for the Johnstown region.

Students and the faculty at Bishop McCort are able to spend more time with their families while maintaining the academic excellence the Bishop McCort has always delivered.