Hawk Headlines — Happenings at Holy Name School


October has brought beautiful fall colors outside, and Holy Name School students are finishing their first quarter of the school year with many engaging activities.  This column was written by Tobey Becquet and Brody Lanzendorfer

We are pleased to share the results of our recent Student Council election The 401 representative is Lydia Sheehan; 402, Charlotte Rhoades; 501, Helene Saxion; 601, Sophie Becquet; and 701, Will Tremel. The council officers include the following: Prayer Facilitator, Sophia Jones; Treasurer, Tatum Laughard; Secretary, Addison Misner; Vice President, Madeline Lauer; and President, Christian Boland. We thank all of our elected council members for committing to planning and facilitating valuable service projects and programs within our school.

Last week our school participated in a Think Pink fundraiser. For a donation, students and faculty wore jeans and a pink shirt. All funds raised went to the 1889 foundation. This was a fun day for the students because they could wear jeans while supporting those battling breast cancer.

Our school is presently recognizing Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign designed to raise awareness of the dangers of drug addiction and to promote the choice of a drug-free lifestyle. The students in each grade received a Red Ribbon with a message on it reminding them of the importance of saying no to drugs. Throughout the week we are celebrating a different theme, each championing a pledge to remain drug free. Monday was “Don’t Get Tied up in Drugs”; Tuesday,  “Drugs are a Flop”;  and Wednesday, “Drugs are Old School”.   Today’s theme is “Color Our World: Be Drug Free”; and tomorrow is “Just Say No!”

Our second grade students completed their first Halloween themed STREAM challenge with eighth grade buddies. Each team was challenged to create a ghost lifter that could transport cotton ball “ghosts” at least half a meter off of the ground. The students were each given a predetermined set of materials, a small paper plate, a small cup, a coffee filter, tape, string, pipe cleaners, and ghost cotton balls, to create their contraption. The teams worked to design and test their ideas using various concepts including axel and wheel designs, and pulleys. Once completed, the students had to reflect on their design. “Was their design successful?”, “What part of the design worked best?”, and “What changes would be made to improve the initial design?”

Our final thought is from Matshona Dhliwayo: “To strengthen the body’s muscles, exercise; the mind’s muscles, read; the heart’s muscle’s, laugh; and the soul’s muscles, love.”

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[Top photo: Extended Day Preschool students at Holy Name School received some assistance from their seventh grade friends to construct spider webs.  Here Ella assists Gabe.]

[Inset photo: Holy Name School eighth grade student Lucy helps her second grade partner Sophia construct a “ghost lifter” designed to lift 10 cotton ball ghosts a half meter in the air.]