Hawk Headlines — Happenings at Holy Name School


January 26 Edition

January may be drawing to a close, but the variety of activities is wide open at Holy Name School. This column was prepared by Christian Boland and Jack Washko.

Second grade and eighth grade participated in a joint science lesson.  They explored surface tension in water. First they observed the behavior of water on waxed paper and by placing drops of water on a penny.  Next they observed the behavior of pepper flakes on the surface of the water before and after adding soap.

This week is Catholic Schools Week, a big celebration for Holy Name School. This Sunday we start with an opening Mass at 10:30.  Students from Holy Name School, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, and Mount Aloysius College will provide the liturgical music. Following Mass, you are invited to visit Holy Name School to learn about all that we have to offer at  an Open House from 11:30 to 12:00. Please stop by and check out our school

On Monday, we Celebrate Vocations with a special prayer service.  We will use this time to pray for an increase in Vocations. We will also thank our pastor, Father Brian, all of the pastors of the parishes with students who attend Holy Name School, and our deacons and religious sisters. 

Our week continues by celebrating our teachers and staff on Tuesday, thanking them for their commitment to Catholic Education. Wednesday we will celebrate our students with a variety of special activities 

“Celebrate Our Community” is the theme for Thursday. We will thank those who direct their tax dollars through the Earned Income Tax Credit program to support our school.  Additionally, our school community will collect Food Pantry items for Saint Vincent De Paul and create special crafts for local nursing homes with our Faith Families.

Friday we will Celebrate Families. Parents, grandparents and other family members are invited to join our Faith Families at Liturgy at 9:00. We will have a Faith Family story time, with students sharing their favorite books.  The afternoon will close with a faculty versus 8th grade volleyball game.

 Mrs. Kline is using targeted Literature Circles in her Junior High Language Arts classes. The seventh grade students are reading novels written in verse along with poetry. They are getting ready to blend poetry and art in an upcoming project.The 8th grade is studying World War II through the lens of historical fiction novels set in different countries. Part of their culminating project will include researching the country that is the setting of their novel and presenting their research to the class.

Our final quote is from Mother Teresa: “Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus.”

If you would like to learn more about Holy Name School in pictures and videos, please find us on Facebook at The Official Holy Name School or at our website, HOLYNAMESCHOOL.NET.

[Photo: Holy Name School second and eighth grade students explore the surface tension of water together in science class.]