Aquinas Hall Set to Welcome Domestic and International Students


From Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

Aquinas Hall has undergone many changes in its storied history. The building first began as a summer home, then an inn, later a convent, and most recently, has been the home of Bishop Carroll’s International Program. This past year, because of the pandemic, Aquinas Hall has set empty. Always adapting to an ever-changing world, the school administration is ready to reopen the building for both domestic and international boarders for the 2021-2022 school year!

While housing a large number of international students may not be possible for the time being, the potential to fill the building with domestic students is within sights. Many Catholic schools around the country have unfortunately not survived recent events, but Bishop Carroll sees to opportunity to grow. “There are many families around the country who were devastated when their Catholic schools closed over the past few years. We want to give those families the opportunity to provide their children with a safe, well-rounded education at Bishop Carroll with our boarding opportunities,” said Head of School Mr. Steve Cotchen. “I’m confident that once families from outside our general area check out the school and Aquinas Hall, the decision will not be difficult for them in deciding where to send their children.”

Both five- and seven-day boarding plans will be offered to domestic students. The idea behind the five-day plan is that families who do live within driving distance of Bishop Carroll could have their children attend the school during the week and then go home on weekends, much like a college environment. For families that live outside of the area, the seven-day option is the appropriate choice.

The school administration did extensive research into planning a domestic boarding program. “We have a first-class housing facility at a first-class school,” said Business Manager Mrs. Lynn Weber. “Everything is in place. We have an experienced staff, modern amenities, upgraded security features, and a well thought out program for these students.” In addition to already having a great structure in place, Mrs. Weber looked at what other schools provided. “We researched plans and fees at other domestic boarding schools and have created reasonable rates to offer families. In addition, just like our day program students, these families are also eligible to apply for financial aid on their tuition.”

The goal for the fall is to have at least twelve students living at Aquinas Hall and studying at Bishop Carroll. “Twelve is our goal, but why stop there?” said Dean of Students Jonathan Nagy. “We have so much to offer students. We can provide them with not only a great education, but a robust extracurricular program as well. The more students that can take advantage of what we offer, the better the world will be, having well-prepared individuals ready to lead.” The house has a possibility of boarding around 35 students.

Students living at Aquinas Hall have around the clock supervision and assistance. They are able to participate in school activities and athletics, as well as spend time with day students. Single person rooms are available, as are double and quadruple rooms. The building has staff and student kitchens, study rooms, recreation rooms, a laundry facility, and more.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity. Bishop Carroll is a very special place, one that has helped to mold some of the finest individuals who are continually improving the world,” said Mr. Cotchen. “My hope is that many others see the potential here on Husky Hill and come and grow with us!”

Individuals interested in the program should complete the interest form found on the website. Questions about International boarding can be directed to Mrs. Johanna Stock at Domestic boarding questions should be directed to Mr. Cotchen.

For more information about the program and the facility, including rates, please visit our website at