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Keeping Holy the Lord’s Day

By Father Rich Tomkosky The justice and righteousness we are to show in our relations with our fellow human beings must be rooted in giving...

Mary the Spiritual Shining Star Pointing Us to Christ

By Father Rich Tomkosky Earlier this week, we celebrated Mary sharing in the victory of her Son Jesus over Satan, sin, and death. After falling...

Why Does it Seem So Hard to Find the Living God in Our Time...

By Father Rich Tomkosky In this past Sunday's readings, we saw a fascinating encounter of the prophet Elijah with the living God. We also saw...

The Transfiguration as a Sacred Event Meant to Deepen our Faith in Jesus

By Father Rich Tomkosky In this reality of the Transfiguration, which we are called to meditate on as Catholics in the fourth luminous mystery of...

The Pearl of Great Price

By Father Rich Tomkosky The greatest gift God has bestowed on us is not our health, our physical beauty, our family, our livelihood, or our...

The Power of God’s Love Can Transform our Life – What is Our Response?

By Father Rich Tomkosky God’s kindness is amazing! As the book of Wisdom points out, “… though You (God) are the master of might, you...

Where Do You Want to Belong?

Column by Jonathan Nagy What do Saint Augustine, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, John Wayne, Buffalo Bill Cody, Saint Paul, Jane Roe (from the case of...

How Do We Bear Good Spiritual Fruit for God’s Kingdom?

By Father Rich Tomkosky How can each one of us in our life become the seed, in the good soil, in which God’s Word bears...

The Beautiful Spiritual Fruits of Embracing the Yoke of the Lord

By Father Rich Tomkosky All of us face many challenges in life. On our own we can deal with them for a while and sometimes...

Prayer, Sacrifice, and Acts of Reparation for the Conversion of Hardened Sinners at the...

By Father Rich Tomkosky One of the hardest concepts for Christians to grasp in the modern world is the reality of the redemptive meaning of...
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