Hawk Headlines — Happenings at Holy Name School


Holy Week has arrived, and the Holy Name School community is preparing to remember and reflect on Christ’s Passion and Death and celebrate is glorious Resurrection on Easter. This column was written by Gavin McConnell and Sean McCarthy.

Last week for Art class, the first grade created Easter eggs using the pointillism technique. Prior to Art class, Miss Chalich shared the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds which tells the story of a girl using dots to create art pieces. The class then looked at paintings by Seurat. Finally, the students used cotton swabs and paint to create the dots of color to decorate their eggs.

The fifth grade traveled to Johnstown to participate in a Young Peoples Concert presented by The Johnstown Symphony Orchestra This is designed to introduce young audiences to the instruments and sounds of the orchestra. The students are given an opportunity to hear the sounds produced by each individual instrument before all of the sounds are blended into a musical composition. We are thankful to the JSO for presenting this program and giving our students wider exposure to the arts and for making them more well-rounded individuals.

Next week the annual Sixth grade Ethnic Showcase will take place. Each student has been completing research to become an expert on a specific country. Students have been learning about five specific characteristics of their countries: geography, people, economy, government and history (including currency and trade). They have prepared a short “commercial” to teach the audience important facts from their research. Once the presentations are over, everyone will enjoy a buffet meal featuring special dishes that reflect the cultures the students researched.

Our final quote is from Julien B. Well: “Live in the awareness that Christ lives and that He lives in His people.”

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[Photo: 1st grade eggs: Ava, Michael, Margaret ad Nate, first grade students at Holy Name School display the Easter eggs they created using the pointillism technique.]