Bishop Mark Offers Ideas to Cope During Pandemic


By Tony DeGol

Prayer is essential during this unprecedented time, but so are walks, good music, and even some household projects. And don’t overdose on news coverage of the pandemic.

Those were among Bishop Mark’s suggestions when asked by a local reporter this past week how individuals can cope with the crisis and remain calm. 

“Even though we want to stay informed by checking news media, I have heard experts say that it’s not healthy if you allow yourself to be bombarded by the news of the coronavirus pandemic for hours a day,” the Bishop said. ​”Most of us are creatures of habit. Keep the routine that you normally follow as much as possible. Don’t just sit in the chair all day long. Make a plan for things that you want to do with your time each day.​”

Besides prayer and spiritual reading, Bishop Mark had other ideas for enduring these challenging days.

“Taking a walk, reading a good book, listening to some music, baking something from scratch, cleaning out closets are things that can divert your attention,” he recommended. “Involve others in your home to participate.  I remember as a child being snowed in for days during a blizzard and learning how to play board games and card games with family members.”

Bishop Mark also said it is import to remember those who may be alone.

“Call someone who may not have visitors at this time,” he suggested. “A phone call can do a lot for them and for you. It’s especially helpful to ask others how they are doing. We are all in this together, and this can be an opportunity to draw closer as neighbors and families. It reminds us that we should not take these relationships for granted.​”

The Bishop plans to continue celebrating the weekly Proclaim! Ministry TV Mass, which airs every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. on WATM ABC 23 and 9:00 p.m. on Atlantic Broadband channel 9. He is praying for everyone and their needs – especially as Holy Week and Easter draw near.  

“It is essential to our faith to proclaim every day that Christ is Risen!,” Bishop Mark stressed. “When the time comes when we are back in our parish churches, I anticipate even greater rejoicing. It may be Easter delayed, but the grace and power of the Resurrection is never denied for those who believe!”